Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nuclear Plants from China to add 1280 MW

Nuclear power plants of 1280MW: Pakistan to seek financing from China

By Zafar Bhutta ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to seek major chunk of financing from China for setting up four new nuclear power units of 1280MW to bridge gap between supply and demand, sources told Daily Times on Tuesday.Sources said that Pakistan would place request before Chinese authorities during the upcoming visit of President Pervez Musharraf to China.Sources said that proposed nuclear units of 320MW each would be set up to generate 1280MW power by nuclear resources under the vision 2030. Two units of 320MW each will be set up in Chashma and two units will be established in Karachi.They said that Finance Ministry is working on the process of getting financing from different countries including China and it would also chalk out the strategy to generate financing through joint venture by different countries.The first phase project of Chashma Nuclear Plant was commissioned in September 2000. Chinese Company is already working on second phase of Chashma nuclear power plant and in May 2004,Pakistan and China signed a contract to jointly build the second phase project of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant. China agreed to provide $350 million credit and will complete the project in 2011.They said that the current installed electricity generation capacity stands at 19,400MW that would be increased to 162,590MW by 2030 as the energy consumption would rise to 7 fold by 2030.Government has planned a major shift to coal, nuclear and renewable resources to achieve the set target of electricity generation.At present Pakistan is mainly depending on hydel power generation that has dropped to 2000 MW power due to water shortages in the country. Pakistan is now looking towards wind, coal, and nuclear and solar resources to increase the power generation. Pakistan is said to face around 1400 MW power shortfall constantly by 2010.At present the country is facing a power shortfall of 1500MW to 2000MW.The power crisis emerged as the private sector has not increased its power generation capacity and new Independent Power Producers (IPPs) were not set up for many years. Sources said that Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) authorities have given briefing to the Prime Minister about the plan of adding 2200 MW power to the current power system in one year. Premier has directed the concerned authorities to carry out the plan. Prime Minister has also directed the public sector also to go side by side with the private sector for setting up power plants so that the dependence on the private sector could be minimised. On the other hand, PEPCO would add 1100MW power to the current power system by rental plants during current calendar year. 450MW by rental plants would be added by June 2008 and the rest power would be added by December 2008.The capacity of current existing power generation system would be enhanced by 309MW during 2008.Two IPPs that include Saif and Orient would add around 500MW power to the current power system. Saif IPP would start providing power supply by July whereas Orient would supply power by October 2008.

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