Monday, July 21, 2008

Pakistan to sell Sri Lanka US $60 Million

Pakistan to sell Sri Lanka US $60 Million according to a report in Defence Assistance, Reports Jane's Defence Weekly.

Sri Lanka is looking to Pakistan to significantly strengthen its military capabilities amid the increasing prospect of renewed civil war, revealed in documents obtained exclusively by Jane’s Defence Weekly.
According to high-level discussions detailed in the documents, Sri Lanka has asked Pakistan to facilitate the purchase of defence equipment worth around USD60 million.
The Jane’s Defence Weekly report says Sri Lanka has asked that their requests be given the ‘utmost priority’ amid a deteriorating security situation and a fragile ceasefire.
The army’s shopping list has a combined value of USD20 million, while the air force’s requirements are worth a further USD38.1 million.
Jane’s Defence Weekly says that Sri Lanka is clearly looking to build up its military capacity and has also issued a plea to Pakistan to provide swift technical assistance for its T-55 main battle tanks and C-130 transport aircraft.

The army’s extensive wish list includes ten Baktar Shikan anti-tank guided missile weapon systems, 300 standard/tandem warheads and two training simulators; respectively worth USD1.5 million, USD4.5 million and USD120,000. (ENDS)

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