Friday, August 28, 2009

Turning Point for Pakistan ! Former IB Chief's revelations shake Pakistan !

Former IB Chief Revelations opens a Pandora Box on the Army and Political Parties in Pakistan !

Pakistan, the seventh largest country in the world has totally changed in the last decade. Atleast a dozen twenty four hour News Channels, Free Pro-active Judiciary and a very diverse vibrant parliament has changed Pakistan. For the first time Pakistani Politicians, Army and the Judiciary are under tremendous scrutiny. Every move is monitored by an army of journalists trying to get a scoop. From Musharraf's removal and Zardari's surrender on the reinstatement of the Supreme court judge was spearheaded by a very organized lethal press. Things may change forever for this 170 million Nuclear armed Nation.

Playing to the tune of a free Brig. Imrtiaz reveals secrets of 1990's which has opened a Pandora box. Brig. Imttiaz rants has shaken up Pakistan and has answered all the unanswered ambiguities of the 1990's. His revelations have dealt a big blow to the Army's reputation and blown the cover even from the very 'honest' politicians. Even the Kosher politician played havoc with the political system with Bribes, Killings, Lies and Deception ! Brig. Imtiaz interviews to television channels has resulted in counter revelations from his rival much to the amazement of a shocked Pakistani nation.

Brig Imtiaz recent revelations and counter revelations :
IJI was invented by the army and ISI.
IJI politicians were taken to Swat and bribed by the ISI to keep PPP from winning elections.
MQM-Jinnahpur controversy was all fake.
MQM was falsely accused of having torture cells in Karachi.
MQM refused money from Brig. Imtiaz
Army and ISI collaborated with the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in undermining Nawaz Sharif's Government and dismissing it later.
ISI funded the Right to win elections in Pakistan in 1992 and 1994.
Affidavit names politicians who took money from ISI.
Former CJP quotes affidavit submitted by former ISI chief Lt Gen (r) Asad Durrani in court
List of recipients includes Nawaz Sharif, Abida Hussain, Pir Pagaro and Jamaat Islami.

Counter revelations by Sheikh Rashid :
Brig. Imtiaz was trying to creat a misunderstanding between Nawaz Sharif and Sheikh Rashid (former PML-Q.
Brig. Imtiaz has amassed property all over Pakistan and siphoned off money from the ISI account.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) gave millions of rupees to different politicians during former president Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s regime and no one has ever denied receiving money from the agency, former chief justice of Pakistan Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui said on Wednesday.

Talking to a private TV channel, Brig. Imtiaz said the ISI was an intelligence agency and should not have interfered in politics, or be used against politicians. He said former ISI director general Lt Gen Asad Durrani had informed the Supreme Court that he had given money to politicians, ostensibly to ‘convince’ them to join the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) against the PPP (Benazir's Party).

Justice (r) Siddiqui told the channel that he had said at that time that the ISI’s role should not be political. He said the case was still pending in the Supreme Court at the time of the 1999 coup. He said Lt Gen (r) Durrani had presented an affidavit in court, giving details of the money distributed to different politicians.

According to the affidavit, then chief of army staff General (r) Mirza Aslam Baig had advised the intelligence agency in September 1990 that it should give logistic support to the transfer of funds from the business community in Karachi to the IJI during the 1988 election.

According to the written affidavit of July 24, 1994, Lt Gen (r) Durrani said he was informed at the time that the step had the government’s complete support. After the orders, he said he opened a number of accounts in banks in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Quetta.

A man from Karachi named Younas Habib had deposited Rs 140 million in a bank account and the rest of the money was transferred to a special fund.

According to the affidavit, acquired by the TV channel,
former caretaker prime minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi received Rs 5 million,
former Sindh chief minister Jam Sadiq Rs 5 million,
former prime minister Muhammad Khan Junejo Rs 2.5 million,
Nawaz Sharif Rs 3.5 million, senior politician
Pir Pagaro Rs 2 million, the Jamaat-e-Islami Rs 5 million,
Mir Afzal Khan Rs 10 million,
Abida Hussain Rs 1 million,
Lt Gen Rafaqat Rs 5.6 million for managing the media campaign,
Humayun Marri Rs 1.5 million,
former prime minister Zafarullah Jamali Rs 4 million,
Kakar Rs 1 million,
Jam Yousaf Rs 0.7 million,
Hasil Bizenjo Rs 0.5 million, Nadir Mengal Rs 1 million,
Altaf Hussain Qureshi and Mustafa Sadiq Rs 0.5 million,
Salahuddin Rs 0.3 million,
smaller groups Rs 5.4 million and others received Rs 3.339 million.

Former chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB) Brig. (Retd.) Imtiaz Ahmed Friday disclosed that Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Nasirullah Babar and IB chief of PPP regime Masood Sharif carried out a more serious operation than ‘Midnight Jackal’. The operation against PML(N) was called “Midday Wolf”. Brig. (Retd.) Imtiaz Ahmed said under operation Midday Wolf 60 members of National Assembly were taken to Swat and their debts were written off.

Midnight Jackal’ was launched to overthrow Benazir.The Operation Midnight Jackal was launched to topple Benazir Bhutto’s government.He added that the operation was not a big issue, but the politicians had politicised it.

He revealed that General (r) Aslam Beg, the army chief at the time, wanted to bring a change in the National Assembly through a no-confidence motion with the help of Operation Midnight Jackal, as General Beg believed that Benazir Bhutto’s policies were contrary to those of the army. He said General Beg did not agree to Benazir’s Afghan policy. The former IB chief said after Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as prime minister, General Beg and then president Ghulam Ishaq Khan had discussed at length the possibility of replacing her, adding that the operation was also launched for that reason.

Brigadier (r) Imtiaz said his major mistake was his failure to refuse to obey General Beg’s orders. During a subsequent inquiry, General (r) Hameed Gul advised him not to speak against the army chief as that could raise questions about the army, he maintained. Brigadier (r) Imtiaz told the channel that he was retired on the directions of General (r) Naseerullah Babar.

General (r) Asif Nawaz Janjua had suspected Imtiaz of tapping the former’s phone calls, the ex-IB chief said. Imtiaz said stayed quiet throughout his service since he did not want his institution defamed. He said president Ghulam Ishaq had offered him to join his “gang” and offered him privileges, as a cold war for power was raging between Nawaz Sharif and the then president. He said he had been meeting both the leaders and tried bring them together.

The former IB chief said he was also blamed for convincing General (r) Akhtar Abdul Rehman to join then president Ziaul Haq on the flight to Bahawalpur at the eleventh hour, whereas the names of those going to Bahawalpur had already been finalised in the General Headquarters.



The whole drama of JINNAHPUR controversy was started by SYED JAMALUDDIN who is an active member of MQM based in Germany. Syed Jamaluddin deliberately wrote the book "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" in order to bring this issue back on table in order to blackmail the military establishment. This act of Syed Jamaluddin has been at the behest of Altaf Hussain

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