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Picturesque Northern Areas of Pakistan renamed Gilgit-Baltistan . Declared Semi-Autonomous Region !! !

Beautiful lakes and mountain peaks dot the Gilgit-Baltistan area

karakoram Highway : Connecting Pakistan and China !
District map of Gilgit-Baltistan

A deafening silence from the Indian foreign office has raised eyebrows not only in Pakistan but all over the world.
Gilgit-Baltistan was not delared the 5th province of Pakistan but given a semi-autonomous package ! They will be representated in the Pakistan National Assembly with 15 elected Constituents plus 5 reserved seats for women and minorities !

The Pakistani parts of Kashmir to the north and west of the cease-fire line established at the end of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947. The changed border after the war later came to be known as the Line of Control. This area was divided into the Northern Areas (72,971 km²) in the north and the Pakistani state of Azad Kashmir (13,297 km²) in the south. The name "Northern Areas" was first used by the United Nations, to refer to the northern areas of Kashmir. Pakistan is connected with China with the strategic Karakoram Highway (N-5) which passes through Gilgit-Baltistan and seeps into the Kashgar, China !

Gilgit-Baltistan or the Northern Areas is the northernmost region of Pakistan. The entire area including Gilgit and Baltistan was known as the Gilgit Agency till October, 1947. This is a strategically very important region of the world, which is sandwiched between the high peaks of Hindukush and Karakorum on the north and those of western Himalaya on the south. It borders to the north with Afghanistan and China, to the south with India and Azad Kashmir and to the west with North-West Frontier, Pakistan.

Unlike the area that Pakistan calls " Azad Kashmir ," the Northern Areas are incorporated into Pakistan. A small part of Northern Areas was ceded to China by Pakistan in 1963 with the proviso that the settlement was subject to the final solution of the Kashmir dispute. India does not recognize the Northern Areas as belonging to Pakistan and calls the region encompassing Azad Kashmir and the Northern Areas " Pakistan Occupied Kashmir."

The region was under the rule of the Maharaja of Kashmir for many years, which led to the common belief that it is part of Kashmir. However, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan regard themselves as being distinct from Kashmiris and many want to become the fifth province of Pakistan. The region's lack of representation in the parliament of Pakistan has placed it outside the mainstream politics of the country, which has become a major cause of frustration to the inhabitants of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Northern Areas comprise the two districts of Baltistan and the three districts of Gilgit (where the capital is located). Hunza, an independent principality for 950 years which only came under Pakistani rule in 1974, is also located in this region. The Northern Areas collectively comprise a territory of 27,991 mi² (72,496 km²).

According to Habib R. Sulemani the Northern Areas of Pakistan is commonly known as "Gilgit-Baltistan" and this term clearly indicates the districts of Gilgit, Ghizer, Diyamer, Sikardu and Ganchay, while the term 'Northern Areas' confuses parts of the NWFP with Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit-Baltistan is geographically and politically more suitable than any other term.

List of Peaks located in the Region of Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir (Pakistan) !
Name Height(Metres) Mountain Range Region
1. K-2 8611 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
2. Nanga Parbat 8125 Himalaya Diamar
3. Gasherbrum-1 8086 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
4. Broad Peak 8047 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
5. Gasherbrum-1 8035 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
6. Gasherbrum-1 7952 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
7. Gasherbrum-1 7925 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
8. Disteghil Sar 7885 Karakuram Shimshal
9. Kunyan Chhish 7852 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
10. Masberbrum NE 7821 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
11. Batura-1 7795 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
12. Rakaposhi 7788 Karakuram Nagar
13. Batura-2 7762 Karakuram Batura wall(Hunza)
14. Kunjut Sar 7760 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
15. Saltoro Karghi 7742 Karakuram Saltoro Valley
16. Batura-3 7729 Karakuram Batura wall-Hunza
17. Trivor 7728 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
18. Trichmir 7706 Hindu-Kush Chitral Valley
19. Chogolisa-1 7665 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
20. Shishpar Sar 7610 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
21. Silberzacken 7595 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
22. Batura-4 7594 Karakuram Batura wall-Hunza
23. Yakshin Garder 7559 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
24. Passu Peak(VV) 7500 Karakuram Passu -Hunza
25. Pumari Chhish v 7492 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
26. Noshaq 7429 Hindu-Kush Chitral
27. Passu Sar 7476 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
28. Malubiting(VV) 7458 Karakuram Haramosh
29. Muchu(Batura V) 7453 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
30. Sia Kangri 7422 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
31. Haramosh 7409 Karakuram Haramosh
32. Istoro-o-nal 7403 Hindu-Kush Chitral
33. Ulter-1 7388 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
34. Sherpi Kangri 7380 Karakuram Saltoro Valley
35. Saraghrar 7349 Hindu-Kush Chitral
36. Momhil Sar 7343 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
37. Jutmo Sar 7330 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
38. BojohagurDuanasir7329 Karakuram Batura-Nagar
39. Yazghill 7324 Karakuram Shimshal-Hunza
40. Passur Diar 7295 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
41. Malabuting(C) 7291 Karakuram Haramosh
42. Baintha Brakk 7285 Karakuram Biafo Glacier Hisper
43. Passu Peak 7284 Karakuram Passu -Hunza
44. K-6 7281 Karakuram Hushe Valley
45. Baltoro Kangri 7280 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
46. muztagh Tower 7273 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
47. Diran 7257 Karakuram Minapin -Nagar
48. Lupgar Sar(C) 7200 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
49. Karum Koh 7164 Karakuram Shimshal-Hunza
50. Hachindar Chhish7163 Karakuram Batura -Hunza
51. Snow Dome 7160 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
52. Latok-1 7151 Karakuram Biafo Glacier-Nagar
53. Latok-2 7145 Karakuram Biafo Glacier-Nagar
54. Kampir Dior 7143 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
55. Kunyang Chhish 7108 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
56. Udren Zom 7108 Hindu-Kush Chitral
57. Chenta Peak 7090 Karakuram Hunza Valley
58. Riakot Peak 7070 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
59. Sangemarmar Sar 7050 Karakuram Hunza Valley
60. Link Sar 7041 Karakuram Hushe Valley
61. Spantik 7027 Karakuram Nagar
62. Mulungutti Sar 7025 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
63. Akher Chhish 7020 Hindu-Kush Chitral
64. Pamuri Sar 7016 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
65. Rakaposhi East 7010 Karakuram Bagrot Valley
66. Laila Peak 7004 Karakuram Bagrot Valley
67. K-7 6986 Karakuram Hushe Valley
68. Beka BrakaiChhok6934 Karakuram Batura Wall
69. Vigne Peak 6874 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
70. Koyo Zom 6871 Hindu-Raj Chitral
71. Dut Sar 6858 Karakuram Shimshal-Hunza
72. Angel Sar 6858 Karakuram Cocordia-Skardu
73. Latok-3 6850 Karakuram Biafo Glacier-Hisper
74. Chongra Peak 6830 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
75. Miar Peak 6824 Karakuram Bagrot-Haramosh
76. Phuparash 6785 Karakuram Nagar-Haramosh
77. Biarchedi 6781 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
78. Seiri Prokush 6771 Karakuram Batura Glacier west
79. Trango Tower 6763 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
80. Choricho 6756 Karakuram Braldu Valley skard
81. Biale Peak 6729 Karakuram Muztagh Glacier
82. Trinity Peak 6700 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
83. Mani Peak 6685 Karakuram Bagrot –Haramosh
84. Haramosh-2 6666 Karakuram Bagrot-Haramosh
85. Thui-1 6660 Hindu-Raj Kishmanja-Brughil
86. Gul Lusht Zom 6657 Hindu-Kush Lutkho Valley
87. Piaju Peak 6610 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
88. Makrong Chhish 6607 Karakuram Hisper-Nagar
89. Gonalo Peak 6606 Himalaya Nanga Parbat
90. Phuparash-2 6574 Karakuram Bagrot-Haramosh
91. Buni Zom 6550 Hindu-Kush Shishi-chitral
92. Thui-2 6523 Hindu-Raj Thui Pass
93. Ghamubar-1 6518 Hindu-Raj Darkot-Ghamubar
94. Noukasich 6496 Karakuram Batura-Hunza
95. Honbrok 6459 Karakuram Hushe Valley
96. Ghamubar-2 6432 Hindu-Raj Darkot-Ghamubar
97. Uli Biaho 6417 Karakuram Brulda River Valley
98. Koser Gunge 6401 Karakuram Baltore-Skardu
99. Namika Peak 6325 Karakuram Hushe-Skardu
100. Urdukash-1 6320 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
101. Bullah 6294 Karakuram Brulda-Skardu
102. Purian Sar 6293 Karakuram Pakore Valley
103. Mango Gusor 6288 Karakuram Brulda River Valley
104. Trango Tower(G) 6286 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
105. Gama Sokha 6282 Karakuram Brulda River Valley
106. Urdukash-2 6280 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
107. Hunza Peak 6270 Karakuram Hunza Valley
108. Marbal Peak 6256 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
109. Crystal Peak 6252 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
110. Chuchhar Sar 6249 Hindu Kush Shishi-Chitral
111. Garmush 6244 Hindu Raj Darkot-Ghamubar
112. Trango Tower (H)6239 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
113. Lobsang 6225 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
114. Blatts Yaz 6191 Hindu Raj Darkot-Ghamubar
115. Thui Zom 6159 Hindu Raj Darkot-Ghamubar
116. Bilchar Dubani 6134 Karakuram Bagrot-Haramosh
117. Urdukash-3 6130 Karakuram Baltoro Glacier
118. Chikar Zom 6110 Hindu Raj Darkot-Chatebori
119. Uli Biacho Tower6109 Karakuram Braldu River Valley
120. Tupopdan 6106 Karakuram Shimshal-Hunza

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