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Pakistan in Total Disbelief on Terrorism ! When will Pakistan Transform from a Nation to a Society ?

Most Pakistanis are in disbelief and under a spell on terrorism which is wreaking havoc in their land of the pure. They cannot believe that the very Islamists they trained have turned against them ! Army officers are not following orders to kill Islamists who in this case are terrorists because they think that they might be committing a sin. The enemy within is getting stronger and a huge rift in the armed forces is brewing ! Can Pakistan leash the Islamists ?
Watch how Pakistan Army Strikes back !

The picture says it all - I shouldn't even write more. These Ultra Right is at it again and what they are holding on that placard is unbelievable 'Living one day like Osama bin Laden is equal to living like an army commander for 10 years'. This is the mindset and that's what Pakistan is dealing with but here is the good news- This is Pakistan's 5% and they will be routed again in the next elections. In the last elections they got less then 5% vote and all of Pakistan voted Left or Centre Right.

This is the most difficult article I have ever written. Trying to gather infomation and trying to read the mind set of the a certain Pakistani populous has been very difficult for me. Even though the people on the far right in Pakistan are like 5% but they have influenced the mind set of a major chunk of the population especially north of Pakistan. Its like a tug of war talking to them and trying to explain where I am coming from. First of all they will tear you apart if you call them on the Right. They do NOT want to be labelled right even though their mind set is like Ultra far Right(Read KKK).

Criticising even pro-violent Islamists to them is like walking on ice where they are about to push into a pitfall of Anti-Islam or Anti-Pakistan. The Ultra Right here like any where else is the custodian of the religion and the Nationalism even though in Paksistans case its the enemy within or the Islamists. Under no circumstances they will believe that 'God fearing faithful ultra right pious devout 5 times praying Mullahs' are creating havoc by training suicide bombers. NO amount of arguements is going to convince them that we really have a problem here with the pro violent Taliban, LeT etc.

Thank God for the free 90 plus channels have started to harp my tune on the enemy within. Believe me the conspiracy theorist are having a hay day here and everything in Pakistan is very coordinated and the theorists are just killing me. Everthing is America and Wests doing and even the planes that were destroyed was an American act. I was like that doesn't make sense since the US is ready to replace the planes that were destroyed in the attack at the Mehran Base.

Its like wading through a sea of conspiracy theories and then every day its a new one but the Right is not ready to believe that its the TTP bombing Pakistan. Their belief is that NO Muslim can send bombers in Pakistan to kill fellow Muslims. Its like an oxymoron for the Right.

But let us differentiate with the other 95% that do believe that we really have a problem. Pakistan has to pull up its socks and deal with terrorism with an iron fist even if that means alienating the ruthless right. We have to write off the 5% crazy mullah but we can reign in the 15% fence sitters. Fence sitters are just watching the show but sway either way either because they are poor or vulnerable. But the slide towads violence has to stopped NOW.

What needs to be done in Pakistan to tackle terrorism ?

Pakistans biggest problem is the dysfunctional Police system. 99% of Pakistanis DO NOT trust the police. The West should fund and modernize the police system in Pakistan. Imagine NYC without an effective police system and now imagine Pakistan with thousands of gun trotting Mullahs trying to impose their own misinterpreted Islmic laws. They Police in Pakistan is corrupt, ill equipped and the training does not go far enough. A new structure has to be built with forensic labs and investigators. Pakistan doesn't have an effective forensic lab to tackle crime or terrorism. Investigators need to be hired enmass to control violent crimes to control the lawlessness.

I am amazed to see how disillusioned and confused Pakistanis are about terrorism. They cannot believe that the very Taliban they nurtured with US and Saudi help would turn against Pakistan instead of India. They are waking up to a very changed scenario but most of them are in still in disbelief that the bearded, devout, 5 times a day praying pious Muslims have turned against the citadel of Islam. After talking to literally hundreds of Pakistanis during my stay here I am just dumb founded how deaf Pakistanis have become and cannot see that these Islamists are destroying Pakistan. They Taliban and other terrorist organisations regard the Pakistani army under whatever pretext their enemy number one.
History in a nut shell ::
When Zia UL Haq took over the helm of affairs in Pakistan in the late 70's he started to promote Islamists in the armed forces. The trend stopped right after he was gone but the damage had been done. There were a spate of recruitment in the low ranking soldiers at that time who have become entrenched into the armed forces. Now there are widespread claims that these Islamist soldiers challenge orders from their peers against the Talibaan and LeT etc.

Why Israel is Successful in defeating terrorism ?
Our new terrorist policy should be what Israel enacted following a spate of suicide bombing by Palestinians in mainland Israel.
As part of the 2nd Intifada, the IDF adopted a policy of house demolition of suicide bombers in response to a wave of suicide bombings. Israel justified the policy on the basis of deterrence against terrorism and eye for an eye after negotiations failed. This collective punishment turned out to be good deterrence against suicide bombers who had killed 1000's of Israelis and the houses of Israelis living in mainland Israel. This policy right or wrong turned out to be a huge success and the suicide bombing declined even before the barrier was built to keep the terrorists out.
In February 2005 Israel ordered an end to the demolition of houses for the purpose of punishing the families of suicide bombers unless there is "an extreme change in circumstances". However, house demolitions continue for other reasons. In 2010, 315 Palestinian-owned structures have been demolished in East Jerusalem. 402 people have been displaced and about 1,296 people have been otherwise affected.
There has be some other punitive measures that would deter the suicide bombers, because right now it’s like a walk in the park for them with no repercussions
in the North Western, which is the epicenter of terrorism in Pakistan . Family Honor and sanctity of women are both very sacred to them and that should be used as a weapon by the ISI. A policy needs to be formulated not just against terrorists but also supporters and sympathizers of terrorists. Mass arrests and of families and detention should be organized on mass scale against the whole village that produces suicide bombers.
Madrassas :
Madrassas have biggest the migraine for peace loving Pakistanis. Madrassas or Quranic schools have become a breeding ground for terrorists and their sympathizers. Pakistan needs to come to grips with this menace this very instant to keep sanity alive. All Madrassas should be closed down for a month and cleansed and every teacher needs to be reappointed under a government scrutnized and NGO supported syllabus. All unlicensed madrassas should be banned first and later converted into a police station with a regular primary school teaching regular subjects.
All madrassa teachers should be screened and along with their students should be put under probation. That means they have to report to a probation officer every Friday to make sure they are not getting influenced or brainwashed. They should be informed about the repercussions that their families would endure in case they try an adventure.
Iron Fist :
I know these are iron fisted tactics but we really do need a tyrant to deal with these crooked terrorists. They see no mercy and we have make new rules to enforce the law. NOW is the time to set up Kangaroo courts, secret detentions centers, top secret cherry picked elite force for interrogations and an clamp down like Pakistan has never seen before. The clamp down on MQM in the 90's should look like baby talk. Pakistan really has to put its foot exactly where its mouth is.

Any thing short of these will not get us anywhere and we will reel to something like Liberia !

Guess who got arrested for the PNS Zafar Karachi attack. My greatest fears are being reinforced over and over ! NO Afia Siddiqui, thanks to her arrest in the US, was not involved this time around ! Pakistani intelligence operatives arrested a prayer leader of a seminary at Faisalabad on Friday for alleged links to the terrorist attack on a naval airbase late on Sunday night in Karachi that killed 10 security personnel, sources said.

The operatives of intelligence agencies raided the Deobandi madrassa at Siana Chak village in Faisalabad district of Punjab province and nabbed Qari Qaisar, the prayer leader, sources told PTI.

The arrest was made on the basis of information linking Qaisar to the terrorists who stormed PNS Mehran, the Pakistan Navy's main air station in Karachi.

Qaisar, who is also linked to a banned organisation, was taken to an undisclosed location for interrogation, the sources said.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack on PNS Mehran, saying it was carried out to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden in a US raid on May 2.

The terrorists killed 10 security personnel and destroyed two maritime surveillance aircraft during the brazen attack that embarrassed the military.

Four of the attackers were killed or blew themselves up while two more reportedly escaped.

(to be continued)

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