Friday, April 10, 2009

Indian Caught planning attack on Police Academy in Rawalpindi

This is the most significant news of the year !

RAWALPINDI: Police arrested five more suspects in Sihala on Friday, after an Indian national arrested earlier in the day confessed to planning an attack on Police College Sihala, DawnNews reported.
Interrogation of the five arrested was underway. They were seized on a tip off by the arrested Indian.

The earlier arrest was made in the jurisdiction of Police College Sihala, near Rawalpindi, DawnNews reported.

He was arrested on suspicion after being seen in the area, officials said.

An investigation team has been set up to question him, Deputy Inspector General of Police and commandant of the college Fateh Sher Joyia told DawnNews.

However, sources said the alleged Indian spy admitted that he and others were planning terror attacks on Police College Sihala, DawnNews reported.

The alleged spy has been handed over to secret agencies for further investigation, sources told DawnNews.

Officials declined to give the name and other information on the Indian saying details could be shared only after the investigation process has been completed.

However the DIG confirmed that maps of important Pakistani cities along with some phone numbers were recovered from his possession.

The Indian was wearing five thick shirts and a belt, a police official said.

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