Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taliban : Quick Summary of the Taliban Reign in NW Pakistan !

Pakistani Army withdraws from 3 key Districts :
Pakistani Army are sitting Ducks and watch three districts taken away ! What are they waiting for ? It will be a very sorry state if General Kiani acts against the Taliban after they reach the Attock Bridge. Are the people of Swat and Dir chicken feed ?

Talibaan carry out daily Killings of the "accused" ! The more Drones bomb the border towns the Taliban quietly moves inwards into Pakistan ! They have now have control of these areas in Pakistan and FATA !
and Buner.
Quetta and DI Khan are next ?

Watch Hamid Mir on on the Taliban :

Time line of Taliban Rule in Pakistan :

February 7, 2009 :
1100 ANP works were killed in a span of 3 months.

March 1, 2009 :
A Hijra (Eunuch) was hung from a pole in Swat because of his 'ways'

March 14, 2009 :
Threatened by the so called Islamic Taliban 100 Pushtoon Hindu and Sikh families migrate to India from Swat. Swat had been their home for centuries.

April 4, 2009:
Taliban flog a 17 year old Minor girl for taking a walk with her Father in Law !

April 10, 2009 :
Taliban Kill a couple who were accused of falling in love. They had eloped.

April 14, 2009
KOHAT: Local Taliban killed three men who were accused of assaulting an eight-year-old boy and threw their bodies in Arakhel square in the Kohat Frontier Region on Monday. A Taliban spokesman said the ‘accused’ had admitted before their shura and tribal elders to have assaulted the boy. The shura sentenced them to death before a firing squad. The Taliban had announced last month that they would enforce religious laws in the region.

April 14, 2009
Militants in Punjab allying with Taliban: NYT

NEW YORK: The militant groups in Punjab are coalescing with Taliban reinvigorating an alliance which is a serious ‘risk to the stability of the country.’ The New York Times reported Tuesday quoting American and Pakistani officials.

In a dispatch from Dera Ghazi Khan, the newspaper pointed out that manifestation of such an alliance was witnessed in the deadly assault in March in Lahore, Punjab’s capital, against the Sri Lankan cricket team, and the bombing last fall of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad.

At least 20 militants killed in American strikes in the tribal areas since last summer were Punjabi, according to people from the tribal areas and Pakistani officials. One Pakistani security official estimated that 5 per cent to 10 per cent of militants in the tribal regions could be Punjabi.

April 15, 2009 :
Armed militants occupy Sikhs' homes in Pak
Armed militants have occupied four homes of members of the minority Sikh community in Pakistan's restive Aurakzai tribal region near the northwestern city of Peshawar, a media report said on Wednesday. About 200 armed militants arrived at Qasimkhel village in Aurakzai Agency yesterday and demanded Rs 40 million from the Sikhs, said Galyan Singh, an elder of the minority community. "We failed to pay the amount and they forced the 38-member Sikh community to vacate houses," Singh told The News daily. The families that were evicted from their homes have taken refuge in Manikhel area, Singh said. Local residents of Qasimkhel condemned the incident and said injustice had been done to the Sikhs. There is a sizeable number of Sikhs living in Peshawar and adjoining semi-autonomous tribal regions.

Aprils 17, 2009 :
Taliban execute man, woman in Hangu
Footage shows Taliban militants shooting a man and woman charged with adultery in front of their relatives.

April 18, 2009:
Tehsildar dies in Taliban custody

GHALANAI: The Taliban in Mohmand Agency said on Saturday that the Yakaghund tehsildar they had abducted last month was dead. Taliban spokesman Ikramullah told Daily Times that Arshad Ali had died due to kidney failure. The government official was kidnapped on March 8, after a fierce gunfight between troops and the Taliban. Fourteen soldiers had been killed in the clash.Taliban had demanded the release of their arrested accomplices in return for the tehsildar’s release. They have declined to return the body until their demand was met. mukaram khan

April 19, 2009
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